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More Roman Entrenching items

The Romans had a variety of other tools besides those we have shown. Below we will cover some more of them.

Corbis (basket)

1uidcorbis1 A large wicker basket called a corbis was a piece of standard issue equipment for the Roman legions. This basket was used primarily in the removal and transport of dirt dug from the defensive trench encircling the fortified camp that would be constructed each night at the end of the days march.

Funis (rope)

Rope. What can you say? Hemp or manila... NOT modern synthetic.

Mesh Bag

1uidMarching_pack_of_a_Roman_legionary1We see these on Trajan's column as well although we are not entirely sure what they carried. They were probably used to carry a variety of things. These can be made from a pattern shown on the Venetian Cat website — easily made from hemp cord.

Lodix Bag

Again, this is seen on Trajan's column and I have a picture taken from the column rendered in ink to make the items of the pack appear more clearly. It is a small picture but I have labeled some of the parts. I do not know what this was called properly; we mostly call it a sack. It has been made from the same cowhide as the sarcina. The same stitches were used with the same thread. The rings that hold it to the furca are made of brass or bronze. This one holds the rolled up paenula, and can also hold lorica segmentata when it is collapsed down on itself.

A great detail shot of the entrenching items of the Roman Army from our friend at Roman Recruit
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