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Petasus Stramenti (Straw Hat)

1uidstraw-hat H eat, sunlight… it bothered the Romans too! What did they do? Well, they wore hats (gasp!) just like we do today. Now granted, they didn't have all kinds of gay writings all over them, and they didn't wear them all cocked and turned about to make girls swoon, but they wore hats.

And no, our ancient forebears were not impervious to sunlight and U.V. rays, they just didn't know about that stuff and so they kinda died early. You shouldn't try and emulate that. 1uidstraw_hat_pixA less "machine-woven" look is best for your pestasus stramenti… and make sure it has no metal grommets. You can thread some twine or hemp cord through the hat to keep it on your head.

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