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Calendar of Events 2018

(Note: Other events may be added to the calendar over the course of the year. Legio IX fabrica and work party dates are usually selected a few weeks in advance according to which is convenient for the greatest number of members or the hosts.)


  • TBF: End of March: Spring Training Field Event at either Germantown, MD or by Winchester, VA... A new event for us to get our unit in shape for events. It will include training, living history and some fabrica work. Overnight camping Friday and Saturday (or stay in a nearby motel).


  • September 4 & 5, 2021: Virginia Scottish Games at Festival Hill at Great Meadow, The Plains, Virgina (Fauquier County). This is a great event, us interacting with the public. The event itself has tons of great vendors and food places..
  • End of September: Hancock Living History Timeline an event put on by La Belle Compagnie and the town of Hancock.

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