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Check out some great books and help the site! I have chosen these books as among the best to illustrate this subject.

Articles Hub

1uidscribe_draw The Articles Hub is a place to centrally post articles by and for our members and friends, and to inform new tirones (recruits) of basic knowledge. Over time we'll add more articles.

How to:

Becoming a Roman Reenactor — a short article written by the founder of Leg. IX Hispana, G. Tacitus Hibernicus.

Clothing and Footwear:

  • Tunica — A simple set of directions for making a tunica (tunic).
  • Focale — A simple set of directions for making a focale (soldier's scarf).
  • Footwear — An article on what real Roman footwear were like. Of course, pix of modern repros too.
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